Emerging from The Underthing

Under the University there is a place Auri calls The Underthing.

In the Kingkiller Chronicles by one of my favorite authors, Patrick Rothfus, Kvothe finds a mysterious character called Auri, who lives in a realm of rooms and tunnels under the University, which she calls The Underthing.

I finished book two and eagerly awaiting the third ! Searching for quotes from Auri on the web there are some good ones on the sub-reddit

“Owls are wise. They are careful and patient. Wisdom precludes boldness. That is why owls make poor heroes.”

This is a unique tunnel in Kennesaw, GA that has a circular tin construction and runs under the railroad track by the Depot Park, called the Depot Park Underpass.

This is a another set of images where I used an arguably strange workflow. Lightroom was used to convert the image to black and white, then a couple of plugins were used to add color back. On1 (v.10) was used for toning here.

Another view of it, but processed with more color, gives the corrugated metal a moody, rustic look. Multiple color gradients in Nik Color Effects were used to create the atmosphere in this one. I still have the previous version before DXO bought the software suite.

I discovered Patrick Rothfus through the community in The Arcanum, so making photos inspired by the book series is sort of a full circle inception for me ! 🙂 List in the comments any books that provided inspiration for your creativity if you like.

Jamie Peters

Surreal, abstract, bold and minimal are themes that continue to evoke that curious spark of discovering what is possible. Through twists and turns, the image and my imagination are the guide through this art in progress.

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