Here’s looking at you

Interesting old world architecture with mill work that appears to be looking at you.

They don’t make doors like this anymore. Back in 2015 at the Eastern State Penitentiary on a photo walk with friends; it was here that I learned to keep my camera mounted on the tripod and about light metering. Before this photo walk I had a tendency to remove my camera from the tripod after taking a photo and then remount for the next photo; very time consuming ! With light metering, I learned, at least with my Sony A5000 in multi-metering mode, to zero it out before taking a 3 exposure HDR bracket of shots at (-2,0,+2). Very important lesson ! The A5000 with kit lens was my first “grown up” camera purchase that I had with me for this photo walk.

So there are iconic scenes to take photos of in this museum, however I don’t think this door is one of them. However lurking in my Lightroom library, I saw it staring back at me with the rounded mill work detail in the top of the door.

Looking for a gallery of this museum that will take your breath away ? ! Check out my friend AD Wheeler’s vision of Eastern State Penitentiary here.

Jamie Peters

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