Tribute To A Space Odyssey 2001

While in San Francisco a few years ago I saw some great sunsets. This one is from the coast of Treasure Island, with a twist of course. I’m an audio enthusiast, and so after taking some still life photos of one of my speakers recently, and looking back in my library, I saw this textured, sunset scene with a cool platform for a mysterious obelisk of sorts ! It reminded me of the odd scenes of monoliths found in the movie “A Space Odyssey 2001“. This is basically a riff on that. Interestingly enough, these photos were both unintentionally with the same Rokinon 14mm lens. You can see the signature Rokinon sunburst on the San Francisco image. However the sunset photo had the lens mounted on my Sony A5000, whereas the speaker was taken with a Sony A7 body.

Jamie Peters

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