Some days a normal photo is beyond me. I am inspired by the words behind the image in other’s works. Some bloggers on minimalism I follow were asked why all the photos on the site are in black and white ? They replied saying “because the color is in the words.”

While this photo is not in black and white, hopefully here are some colorful words behind the image. I’m glad my practice guitar amp of 10 plus years still works ! This is a recent 30 second, long exposure still life photo of it that I added a sunset scene of Shark Fin cove to. Playing jazz through the amp takes me back to this amazing sunset. I remember that day started in Atlanta at 4am (EST). After planes, trains and automobiles, I was greeted with this scene at around 10:30pm (PST).

Smooth Jazz

Here’s the sunset looking back the other way; some friends that saw that same sunset 🙂

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