A river of personality

Meandering through the meticulously designed landscape of Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, Georgia, is a relaxing stream, travelling along the custom designed waterfalls and ponds, providing a river of personality to experience.

After visiting a couple of times over the past few years, I’ve assembled some different views, taken across various parts of the garden. Each view has a different feeling to it and is processed differently with various Lightroom/ Photoshop plugins. I have the plugin(s) used noted next to each photo below.

Waterfall at the entrance in a pastel treatment. (Topaz Glow and Impression)

An HDR, turned pencil-like B&W on stream. (Nik Silver Efex Pro)

Split toned mixed with HDR of custom masonry work on falls scene. (HDR blending with Photomatix with split tone from either On1, Nik Color Efex or Topaz Texture Effects. Sadly I cannot remember which one !)

HDR on the iconic Monet bridge. (Photomatix)

Mystical long exposure. This is a composite of a long exposure shot of the water, mixed with another shot of the landscape. (I really like the Midnight effect in Nik Color Efex Pro to get this mystical feel)

Painterly pond vista. The painterly effect on the water is masked out as I like the more defined reflection. (Topaz Impression)



Jamie Peters

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