Gettysburg Mood Generator

Fog is a fantastic mood generator. At least that is what I think after spending a couple of days exploring Gettysburg National Military Park and looking at the early morning and evening photos I took. It was also the resounding advice, piped one of my mentors, A.D. Wheeler, after I exclaimed I would be staying there. You can see AD’s fantastic gallery of Gettysburg here.

It rained the day we arrived, making it a muddy disaster, but luckily that cleared up soon after so I could do some exploring. You could almost say I was cheating by staying at the RV park 5 minutes away with family. This made 6am photos possible, with a 5am jolt from my silent, vibrating, alarm from my smart watch. This was handy as it didn’t disturb the rest of the campers. After coffee, needless to say, I was giddy to get out and explore ! One hot tip is to spend a day scouting out where the fog is and get a feel for the area. I think this holds true for any photography adventure, if your schedule permits. Although all cameras are fantastic, I thought I would mention these were all taken with my Sony A5000 ASP-C “lightcatcher” (this is an imaginary word I picked up from other photogs and use at times for “camera”) with 16-55mm kit lens. If you are curious about the gear used.

So enough about base camp and gear right ! ? Here are a couple of different moods, using fog as the hero of the story or a supporting character I think, created from the park.

This one is called hardcore mode. It’s a 3 shot HDR from about 10am and going for the surreal.

Up next is something that has a soft feel to it, but I decided to make life interesting and rotate the image to add tension. This one is called the quickening, as in The Highlander movie series. This was from around 6:40am.

This was taken right around 6am and the fog is very subtle off in the distance, in front of the Pennsylvania Monument and sunrise. Good morning ? 🙂

This one has a darker, sinister feel with a back and forth struggle between the two trees. Taken early evening around 8:30pm

I get a sense of hope here with the light leak from the sun shinning on the flower just off center to the right. Taken just before 6am. What do you think ?



Jamie Peters

Surreal, abstract, bold and minimal are themes that continue to evoke that curious spark of discovering what is possible. Through twists and turns, the image and my imagination are the guide through this art in progress.

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