The long exposure clouds here almost seem like a surreal blanket of strange and crazy, descending onto a peaceful beach, which made me think of the Blade Runner world. Add in the volleyball net for some mystery.

When you are living on the 6th floor of a beachfront condo for a week while on vacation in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the main attraction is the beach. I was excited to get something unique while there and have always been fascinated by long exposure clouds streaking across the sky. So one night around 11:30pm, with some clouds in the sky, it was time to have fun and experiment ! I used my Rokinon 14mm on a tripod for a 25 second exposure to get the effect.

Here is a straight out of camera, with lens profile for the Rokinon, added in Light Room. The cloud pattern is there, but it looks rather blah.

Below is the final image:

Midnight Volley Ball

After seeing Blade Runner 2049 this year I’ve been listening to Hans Zimmer more and more and even added up a radio station in Spotify so it’s easier to queue up ! Here is 2049 from the soundtrack on YouTube.



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