Deep Space !

So I’m a science fiction fan and this comes through in my post processing here and there. Back one day in summer of 2015 I started out early, around 5am and drove to Eastern State Penitentiary from Gettysburg, to meet up with our Arcanum group for an awesome day of photos, fun and food !My friends AD Wheeler and Erin Reidel where our fearless leaders, along with Joe Sassone and Kim Klune.  I must say we had a total blast ! I learned many things that day, including zeroing out light metering for correct exposure in my camera and to leave the camera on the tripod during a photo-walk, silly goof ! I also regretted not having a remote trigger for my Sony A5000 for HDR shots, but I did bring a spare battery at least πŸ™‚

Here is just one of many shots from that day. I didn’t plan to create a scene from the corner of a space vessel when I took this photo, which is from the other side of the hall from the famous cell block 14, but that’s where I ended up πŸ™‚ The stars are from the Milky Way were borrowed from Shark Fin Cove.

Deep Space !

Jamie Peters

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