Marina City

My first trip to Chicago and I’m a fan of the architecture !

While in the Windy City I was staying in Hotel Chicago, which turns out is part of Marina City, designed by Bertrand Goldberg and completed construction in 1967. This is one of two residential towers reaching 587 feet high.

I’ve been fascinated with transforming buildings into something out of this world, and here Goldberg did the heavy lifting for me ! This was actually from my iPhone at night and then I flipped the image in post to add to that cyberpunk, floating tower feel.

Here is near the base of the tower (not flipped) and looking at the valet parking garage area. Also an iPhone shot. A great mix of light and shadow and opposing lines of the round tower against the straight lines of the building in the background on the Chicago River Walk area on Wacker Drive.

Lastly here’s a look at the right side, with a touch of Blade Runner orange brown look, with nearby modern high rises 🙂 This one was taken with a Sony A7 and kit lens.

Jamie Peters

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