The Connector

From Level 73 of the Westin Peachtree Plaza in the Sundial restaurant.

To get to the Sundial restaurant you ride in the Westin hotel elevator, which runs on the outside of the building and has glass walls on the outside. So you can really take in the views ! It makes for quite an amusement park ride- so I’m guessing that’s why there is an elevator concierge to operate the elevator for you. I took brief looks at the view while others were more adventurous and taking video of the quick climb ๐Ÿ™‚

As there was little time for photography I had my Sony A7 with kit lens in Aperture Priority, Auto Focus and F4. The last setting was to remove as much of the glare of the windows as these were taken from inside the Sundial.

The connector, or more specifically the Down Town Connector is the section of highway that connects I75 and I85 in downtown Atlanta.

This was taken almost 1 hour before sunset, looking north. You can see the Downtown Connector is on the left. To the right is a great view of Midtown.

The lighting is a continuation of my experiment with Topaz Studio 2. This time starting with a conversion to black and white in Lightroom, then adding two different AI Remix filters together for a cinematic, dual tone look. Then Luminar 3 was used for a touch of a mystic feel.

Here is a slightly different composition, with more clouds, and leaving color in the original photo before playing with some layering in Topaz Studio 2.

It’s just amazing how many different directions you can go in the creative journey of an image.

Jamie Peters

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