What’s Outside The Simulation ?

Sometimes life feels like we are moving from one simulation to the next.

Throughout the typical day we move from one environment to another, each having it’s own set of variables that make up a unique simulation. To go a step further these could be called different realities.

This is another post with musings from Elon Musk, which is where the title was borrowed from 🙂 In a you tube video mentioned here, the host asks what Elon would ask an AI, super intelligence. After a pause his reply was “What’s outside the simulation?”

This is the Skip Spann Connector. Interesting trivia is it’s the first lighted bridge in Cobb County, Georgia and had university student input in the design. I was standing on one of the walkways, with northbound I-75 traffic in the distance, to take this panorama during sunset. Looking at it from this side vantage point, it could be split into two different simulations-under the lighted bridge line -and over it.

The sky was processed with an a sliver of abstraction effect from Topaz Studio in the sky, that separates one simulation (sky) from the other (bridge).

Jamie Peters

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