What’s the frequency, Kenneth

A photo that makes you recall memories of a song and a band, R.E.M.

Here is an attempt to parse out this somewhat abstract image. It was created by combining some unrelated ideas, inspirations and images.

Here is the 1st image, which was an attempt to create the famous computer screen, seen on the cult classic movie, The Matrix.

Here is the second image, which was made using a Line 6 POD 2 guitar effects pedal and customer texture made with Adobe Capture as the background.

Different brushes in Photoshop were used to blend in minimal amounts of green from the first image and then the channel mixer in Photoshop was used to add some blue to the some of the vertical areas. Those are actually an MS-DOS window with my profile bio written in the DOS window and then saved as a jpg file. I have some strange methods, I know.

If the direct connection of this image to R.E.M is a mystery to you, it is to me as well ! The vertical lines being tuned to the correct frequency by the Line 6 POD ? That is as close as I can get. Anyhow, now this ear worm has me listening to R.E.M again, which is great, as it’s been a while. They are an Athens, GA classic in my book !

Jamie Peters

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