Faded To Cyberpunk

Artificial intelligence (AI), futuristic and a degree of break down in the social order.

Three of the many concepts that can arise in conversation when talking about cyberpunk or going down the rabbit whole of it on Wikipedia 🙂 You could say that this scene was “hacked” to a certain extent, which is another theme in cyberpunk. It consists of:

  1. The San Francisco skyline.
  2. A highway overpass.
  3. A texture, created from the combination of a computer dos window and furniture.

This first image was taken about 3 years ago while on a photo-walk with my Arcanum friends, but re-imagined a year ago, with the sky toned to get close to that Bladerunner 2049 orange. Placing the huge ship front and center played well with the idea of a mega-corporation (aka Wallace Corporation) introducing a breakdown of the social order, against the serene skyline of San Francisco in the background. I had many movies in my mind where there are huge alien ships covering the entire skyline when creating the composite composition.

Human or Replicant ?

This year Photoshop warp was used to get a scaled down version of the “mother-ship” to add a drone entering, preparing to land.

Fade To Cyberpunk

Finally with the first two images, I saw a gradient forming in the sky from sunset to full on, darker blue. This seemed to form a three part series to frame the cyberpunk story into.

Faded To Cyberpunk

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Jamie Peters

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