Drop D

There are many ways to tune a guitar. How about drop d ?

I’ve been jamming in Drop D with my Dean 88 lately. This is where you drop the low E string a full step down to D (DADGBE). The effect makes for a heavier sound, especially for “power cords” in heavy metal and you can play them real fast as this makes the three low strings played open a D chord. I’ve added a concrete texture from On1 here for that industrial look, plus some extra toning in SilverEfex Pro2.

Another version here, but a little more clean.

Makes me want to go jam to some heavy metal \mm/

Jamie Peters

Surreal, abstract, bold and minimal are themes that continue to evoke that curious spark of discovering what is possible. Through twists and turns, the image and my imagination are the guide through this art in progress.

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