Imagine you are flying the Millennium Falcon, have your destination set for the Milky Way and are preparing for ludicrous speed. However it seems from your last adventure that some mischievous space monkeys have rigged your navigation system ! It’s asking for the secret move in order to find this fantasy land. Insert Chewbacca grown here.

You remember being underground in a subway station in the Atlanta central quadrant some time ago. Ah Yes ! 🙂 You cropped it slightly, and then flipped it vertically. Remember that experimental curve ball of using difference blend mode ? That’s it. But alas, the navigation system is asking to remove distractions. Hmm. How about Silver Efex Pro 2 ? That is a power up we used before. It could work here. Seems the Triste filter provides a good blend of dark in the middle to light on the edges.

The navigation system in the Millennium Falcon is still not budging. The error message reads “calibration needed.” Insert sad emoticon here. After a coffee break to contemplate the situation, we load the Milky Way destination coordinates and the subway image into PS. It takes some doing, but Chewbacca gives us a hot tip about using scale transform mode with the Milky Way image to enlarge it to fill up the same area as the subway. Then color dodge blend mode so the Milky Way is still visible.

Thankfully the Millennium Falcon says ready to engage ludicrous speed toward fantasy land. You high five Chewy and fasten your seat belts ! 🙂

Destination Fantasy Land

Here’s to the next adventure !



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