It was January of 2016 when I drove downtown to meet up with fellow photographers, Chris Kalmback and Bob Coates that were in Atlanta on travel. I had become a fan of Chris’ artistic B&W photography in The Arcanum and Bob was here to speak at a conference. After some lunch and getting properly caffeinated, we set out on the streets to explore the fray of Atlanta in the fog ! Plus I was super excited to see Chris and Bob in action.

While out and about I spotted an abstract sculpture that was calling out to me to take a closer look. While shooting free-hand, I looked almost straight up in the center to get a unique perspective. For some reason I had the Foo Fighters song, “Everlong”, playing in my head while editing this. I think it was the feeling of infinity I get when listening to that song that made me focus on the twist in the center of the structure.

The Twist

In addition to walking the streets, we ventured into the belly of Atlanta’s subway system, called Marta, which is where I captured this escalator that I turned into somewhere between an X-File and a Fringe event 🙂 It also has a double meaning of remembering to keep calm in your mind, when the outside world is spinning out of control.

A Fringe Event

After Bob had to leave the group to get ready for the conference, Chris and I found ourselves roaming deeper around the fray of Atlanta. Relying on Google maps walking mode to guide us, as it had been some time since I had explored the downtown area on foot- my sherpa skills were rusty! Eventually we made our way around to Peachtree Center where we looked up to see the catwalk ! This time Batman, Chris’s take on brutal architecture, and a Chicago photo walk, lead by my friend and mentor AD Wheeler, became my inspiration to transform it into Gotham City.

Peachtree Center- Gotham City Edition

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